​Burnout from competitive play is always a risk for professional esports athletes - and Timo "Taimou" Kettunen isn't immune to it either. In a ​TwitLonger posted earlier today, the EnVyUs player detailed the exact reasons he isn't having fun with Overwatch anymore. 

"My mental health is bad, it made me unhealthy physically too which snowballs into an even worse mental state," he said in his post. "The only thing that keeps me going forward right now is my hyper competitive nature. And my teammates."

​​Despite the feelings of burnout, Taimou reassured fans that he's not about to quit playing Overwatch. "Quitting completely is not an option," he stated in the TwitLonger. "I have zero interest in pursuing another career or be anything else than being a pro gamer in my life. Nothing."

Taimou has stated that he will continue playing for nV at Apex, but will refocus on improving his personal health following the tournament.