​KT Rolster's Go "Score" Dong-bin has a few words for Riot Game's development team. After defeating Samsung Galaxy 2-1 in Week 3 of the LCK, Score participated in an interview with InvenGlobal's Shim Young-bo. 

During the discussion, Score was asked his thoughts on the current jungle meta, specifically in regards to how it looks now that Patch 7.12 has gone live. For those that are unaware, Kindred and Rek'Sai were the focus of the patch, receiving major reworks to their kits and how they jungle. 

Score stated that he thought Rek'Sai was moving to a good place, but still had some ways to go, saying, "In Rek’Sai’s case, her new ultimate is good, but it’s too easy for the target to avoid it through escapes...I can’t feel like she’s been improved in a large way." 

When shifting to the Kindred rework, Score sounded less impressed, stating, "Kindred has gotten better utility skills, but her damage dealing got too many nerfs, so I think she has been a failed rework so far."

Score has relayed the sentiments of many players who feel that while Rek'Sai is in a good place, however, Kindred needs heavy numbers adjustments to make her changes worthwhile, especially for competitive play. 

Photo courtesy of LoL Matrix