5 Incredible Hanzo Plays From Around the Internet

As much as we love to make fun of Hanzo mains, there are more than a few excellent Hanzos in the Overwatch community. 

Today, we're celebrating those among us who actually have the skills to pay the bills with Hanzo by listing some of their best plays. 

5. Playing Like a Boosted Hanzo

Of all the DPS heroes in the game, Hanzo seems like the one who'd get the least use out of Ana's ultimate. However, that certainly doesn't stop Brandon "Seagull" Larned from making use of it here. 

He pulls off a string of close-quarters eliminations while boosted in order to stall out the enemy team, then does it all again after they revive. 

4. The Solo Capture

Leavesfall is one of the best Hanzo players in the Vietnam Overwatch community, and he shows off his skills here. With his team either all dead or trickling in, Leavesfall manages to dispatch hero after hero to clear off the point. 

By the time his team finishes respawning and arrives at the point, he's practically already capped it by himself. 

3. Walk Into This!

Turns out Dragonstrike works just as well against Graviton Surge as it does with it. 

Arrge's team gets caught up in the enemy Zarya ult - a surefire way to lose the map - but a perfectly placed Dragonstrike from his Hanzo eliminates most of the enemy team and saves his own.

2. Hanzo vs the World

With his team almost all wiped, it looked like Seagull would be picking up a loss. Instead, he lands a perfect Dragonstrike to pick up two kills, lands a pair of clutch headshots for another two, then drops the enemy Hanzo to complete the quintuple kill and save the point. 

Killing the Roadhog at the end feels like a forgone conclusion at that point. 

1. The Objective is Mine

A Hanzo on offense can be a risky pick, but Wraxu finds a way to make it work here. Even as his own team is falling apart, Wraxu manages to pick off three members of the enemy team before heading down off his perch to contest the point. 

A point-blank Dragonstrike keeps him from getting melted by the Symmetra and with the help of his allied Lucio, Wraxu takes down Reinhardt to finish the fight.