The teams and their supportive fans have already met multiple obstacles during this series with surprising wins and disappointing losses.

Here are the results for today:

  • ​Team Liquid 0-2 Team SoloMid 
  • Immortals 2-1 Cloud9
  • FlyQuest 1-2 Counter Logic Gaming
  • Phoenix1 1-2 Team Dignitas

Team SoloMid's Team Fights

While there is plenty to argue regarding Team Liquid's champion picks into TSM's composition, TSM proved how scary their team fights could be regardless of being behind by thousands of gold. 

Despite Kim "Reignover" Ui-jin's pathing to get his lanes ahead, Team SoloMid was able to come back and win both games even if it was a little less convincing that it could have been. 

Team Liquid will have to improve their late game or learn to win and close out early when they earn their advantages. Perhaps picking up a few champions that will scale better into late game will do the trick for them, but only time will tell. 

A Tense Game Between Cloud9 and Immortals

If you missed this series, you missed out! Game 3 was by far one of the best games this split so far, as each team fought for objectives or attempted to make big plays in a non-stop action oriented game. 

The highlight of the game was by far Jake "Xmithie" Puchero's Baron steal. On top of that, there were multiple mind games thrown from both teams by split pushing and backdoor attempts. Seriously, go watch the VOD.

FlyQuest's Almost Reverse Sweep

While everyone assumed Counter Logic Gaming would win in a clean 2-0 after the stomp in Game 1, FlyQuest surprised everyone by almost taking two straight games.

CLG showed that, while they have found new form with Joshua "Dardoch" Hartnett, throwing is still very much a thing in League of Legends. Expect them to tighten things up as the season goes on.

Dignitas Stay Hot

Team Dignitas started their season off strong and they just keep going. 

However, they will need to learn to rely less on Kim "Ssumday" Chan-ho to win and carry; or an early game Baron if their second game against Phoenix1 has anything to say about it. Teams will start to pick up on their weaknesses and exploit them later in the season when it matters most if they are not careful.

​​Phoenix1, on the other hand, while they've had some fight to them, have yet to win a single game. They currently sit at the very bottom with a 0-5 record. Hopefully, the new addition of Alex "Xpecial" Chu can start to work magic before it's too late. 

Photo courtesy of lolesports