​Well folks, he's done it again.

Popular Overwatch dataminer Richard Gryffon has poured through the game files of Overwatch and just might have discovered the source of some upcoming maps.

In a ​Reddit post, Richard explains how he discovered three maps in the game files of Overwatch, and goes on to speculate just what they might be and how they related to the overarching story and lore of the Overwatch universe and its heroes.

The first map was Horizon Lunar Colony, which has already been confirmed by Blizzard. Richard explains how this confirmation is the only reason he is telling us of his findings, as they lend credibility to the other folders in the post.

The second and third maps are named maunganui_es and utopia_c. Richard theorizes that Maunganui could be a mountain themed payload map, as its name alludes to a real life mountain located in New Zealand.

However, as there are no images or sounds within these game files, it is, again, pure speculation. Let us hope that Blizzard clarifies things very soon.