​After a very unusual turn of events in the PGL EU Minor today, BIG swept through the competition and beat every team they played against to steal the show and $30,000 grand prize away from the competition. 

The results were as follows:

  • EnVyUs 4:16 BIG (Cobblestone)
  • EnVyUs 6:16 BIG (Overpass)
  • Dignitas 14:16 BIG (Cache)
  • Dignitas 14:16 BIG (Overpass)
  • Penta 3:16 BIG (Train)
  • Penta 6:16 BIG (Overpass)

PENTA and Team Dignitas will join BIG to advance to the Major Qualifier.

EnVyUs forgot to bring their heads to the match when they woke up today, constantly losing easy duels and opening up so opportunities for BIG to take advantage of all day long. 

BIG beating Dignitas also came as a surprise for many people. 

Two hard-fought battles ended with Johannes "tabseN" Wodarz shutting out the British team in the last round to close out the match.

The grand finals were nothing short of a blowout, with PENTA only scoring nine rounds in the two heartbreaking matches they played in.

tabseN showed an exemplary performance in the grand finals with a K/D split of +25. There were few rounds that showed outstanding plays, but one in particular shone above the rest. 

Will a Tier 1 team pick up tabseN already?

Duncan "Thorin" Shields must be shocked at how much BIG upset the competition. Just look at how his predictions on the tournament would pan out were flipped upside down.

The PGL Major Qualifier rounds begin on June 29. Eight teams from the qualifier round will join the invited teams in the PGL Major Krakow Major Finals.

Let's take a second to pray for the poor souls who bet skins on EnVyUs winning the EU Minor.

Photo courtesy of PGL Esports