Four New and Exciting Things Coming to Overwatch During Winter Wonderland

With each seasonal event in Overwatch, it seems we can always look forward to new and exciting features. The Overwatch team works hard to provide fun and in same cases, hilarious content with each event. This year the return of Winter Wonderland promises to bring a festive plethora of things to be excited for. 

Here are four things we know of so far!

4. 1v6 Game Mode

This year, Winter Wonderland will include two special game modes! The return of Mei's Snowball Fight and the newest edition, Mei's Yeti Hunt!

This game mode will put five Meis against one Winston, which means if you're in a group of 6 friends, you can replay the mode and cycle through who gets to be the Winston yeti and who is on the team of Meis. 

3. New Mei Ability

When Jeff Kaplan announced this year's Winter Wonderland, he said that there would be new abilities for Mei specifically for the Mei's Yeti Hunt game mode.

"Ice Trap" is the new ability and, even without any information, we can assume from the name that it has something to with ice, and something to do with a trap. Obviously.

This might be used to stop the raging Winston Yeti in his tracks and allow the team of Mei's to get away.

2. Winston Power-Ups

Overwatch doesn't have an over-abundance of collectible items that you can pick up in game. Only health packs and some hero-specific items like Torbjörn's armor packs. There aren't any power packs on the maps that increase ultimate percentage - until now!

Well, at least if you're playing Winston Yeti in Mei's Yeti Hunt. Apparently there's power up meat that you can collect as Winston to boost Primal Rage. 

1. Winter Black Forest

Last year was the debut of Mei's Snowball Fight on the map Ecopoint: Antarctica. 

This year, the game mode gets another map (not unlike Lúcioball getting the Sydney Harbour Arena this year in addition to the original map, Estádio das Rãs) which will be decked out Winter Wonderland style: The Black Forest!

This arena-style map is perfectly suited for snowball fights and will probably look amazing covered in snow.