5 Things You Need to Know From the Latest Overwatch Developers Update

On Tuesday, the Overwatch team released the first developer update video of 2018 featuring Game Director Jeff Kaplan. The video touches on game developments made in 2017 and Jeff ever-so vaguely gave some insight into what the Overwatch team is working on this year.  

Here are five things you need to know!

5. Heroes

​​Firstly, the Overwatch team is most committed to the Overwatch heroes, and the next hero to be released, “Hero 27” is apparently according to Jeff, going to be “awesome and very needed.” They’re not sure when Hero 27 is going to be released, as the team is more focused on making the hero fun to play rather than a date, but the team has been doing a lot of internal testing and they’re having fun and making progress with the hero.

Jeff hinted at more heroes being developed and more maps too. 

4. Competitive Play

The Overwatch team is also working on competitive play; as each season of competitive comes out, they want to make strategic and tactical changes based on player feedback (like the latest performance based skill rating metric change for Diamond and above players for Season 8). 

Long-term competitive changes will be based on player feedback and what the team wants Competitive to be internally. 

3. Story Development

Continuing story development for Overwatch is also in the works this year, through animated shorts and digital comics the team hopes to broaden the scope of Overwatch lore, most notably how heroes responded to Winston’s call to action in Recall

2. Seasonal Events

Jeff touched on Seasonal Events, announcing this year’s Lunar New Year will be the Year of the Dog and details about that will be coming soon. Jeff says there will be pretty significant content that players will be really happy with. They’re also planning the next iteration of the Uprising Event, keeping it similar to last year so players who didnt get to experience it the first time get a chance, but also evolving it with “lots of big ideas.”

Overwatch will be celebrating the anniversary of the release of Overwatch again this year too, complete with all the dance emotes.

1. New Content

Player feedback has convinced the Overwatch team to add more content to baseline loot boxes (non time-gated or seasonal event content, available always) and that content will hopefully be available later this month - including skins!

We have a lot to look forward to this year in Overwatch