In an announcement posted to the Overwatch League website, the Florida Mayhem and the Shanghai Dragons briefly discussed their plans for the mid-season free-agent signing period and trade window.

The signing period began on Jan. 22, while the trade window opens Feb. 11, at the close of Stage 1. Both will end April 3, the day before Stage 3 of the season begins.

Speaking for the Florida Mayhem, head coach Vytis "Mineral" Lasaitis expressed satisfaction with the team's core six players, but also made clear that the team was looking to expand.

With balance changes to Mercy and Junkrat on the horizon, Mineral stated that it would be "important for us to stay ahead of the curve and ensure that we're optimally equipped to play any composition imaginable, without having to dilute Hero pools of the players we already have.”

As for the Shanghai Dragons, team manager Yang Van saw in the free-agent signing period and transfer window chances to strengthen specific positions on the team. “We are making good progress on contract negotiations," he said, "and further news will be shared as soon as possible.”

Both the Mayhem and the Dragons are of particular interest when it comes to roster changes. The Mayhem are currently fielding the minimum number of players, making expansion an obvious move for them. The Dragons, meanwhile, have struggled so far in the League and may seek answers in roster shake-ups.

Roster additions will be eligible to play starting Feb. 21 when Stage 2 begins.

Cover photo courtesy of  Blizzard Entertainment