All 6 of the Year of the Dog Skins

Though we were all probably expecting dog-themed everything for this seasonal event, it's clear we've still been spoiled rotten yet again by the Overwatch team. 

These skins are GORGEOUS and here's all six!

6. Pharah - QINGLONG

Pharah's new skin seems to resemble one of the four mythological symbols of the Chinese constellations. Specifically, the Azure Dragon. This skin is beautiful and it gives Pharah matching, glowing turquoise eyes. 

Pharah's ultimate can now emulate a fire-breathing dragon!

5. Mercy - ZHUQUE

Mercy's new phoenix skin also portrays one of the the four mythological symbols of the Chinese constellations. Mercy is almost unrecognizable with brunette hair, and the skin is so beautifully intricate - it's a real work of art. Finishing the look is a long phoenix feather tail on the back!

4. Zarya- XUANWU

Zarya as the black tortoise, the third of the four mythological symbols of the Chinese constellations. Conjuring a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles feel (Donatello, specifically), This skin blends armor and elegance together seamlessly. The pointy boots and the turtle helmet really seal the deal.

3. Widowmaker - BLACK LILY

Originally teased in a spray released last year for the Lunar New Years event, Widowmaker's Black Lily skin has been long anticipated by fans. Perhaps as a fan service, this skin was the first to be teased this year for a split second during the latest developer update.


Magistrate McCree comes with all these accessories: gun, hat, robot arm, fancy belt, and a jaunty pipe! Sure, most of his other skins come with similar additions but this skin is absolutely beautiful on top of that. It also takes away a lot of the "Cowboy essence" in McCree's look (but don't worry, he's still your huckleberry.) 

1. Genji - BAIHU

Representing the final mythological symbol of the Chinese constellations, the white tiger, this Genji skin is probably the coolest one of all. The glowing features, the helmet, the shoulders with tiger faces on them - this skin will definitely be the most popular this year.