The latest Overwatch patch update came with a fix to the most hilarious and ironic bugs Overwatch has ever seen. Until Thursday Sombra was able to survive ​Reaper's Death Blossom ultimate ability by using her marionette emote

​​Ironic because Sombra is a hacker, and so it would seem like Sombra hacked the game. Doubly ironic because Sombra is dangling a tiny Reaper marionette in her emote, taunting him, while he spins and tries in vain to one shot her.

Josh Engen of the Overwatch Team mentioned the bug fix in a list of patch notes. 


Sombra mains will no doubt miss this highly appropriate glitch but the fact that it existed at all will go down in Overwatch history as the time a fictional hacker in a video game actually hacked the game itself.

Photos courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment