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1-2-Switch Sequel Reportedly Shelved After 'Horrible' Audience Testing

1-2-Switch has sold more than 3 million copies.
1-2-Switch has sold more than 3 million copies. / Courtesy of Nintendo

Nintendo has a sequel to 1-2-Switch it doesn't know what to do with after it "tested horribly" with testers, Fanbyte reported Tuesday.

Nintendo is said to have started development on the sequel, reportedly titled Everybody's 1-2-Switch, after the first game sold 3.45 million copies. After trying out several different concepts for the game, the company landed on a Jackbox Party Pack style game in which up to 100 players could compete in gameshow-style mini-games hosted by a man in a rubber horse mask via their phones.

That bizarre conceit was apparently chosen to differentiate the game from its predecessor, as that game continued to sell at a decent clip Nintendo was loathe to slow. It also may be part of why testers objected to the sequel. Testers reportedly found the mini-games — including musical chairs and a variation on bingo — "boring" and "tedious."

Some employees reportedly worry releasing the game would damage Nintendo's reputation for high quality software, but executive leadership believes the game could still sell well despite an anticipated poor critical reception. After all, a lukewarm critical response didn't kill 1-2-Switch's sales. As of now, however, Nintendo has yet to decide what to do with Everybody's 1-2-Switch.