10 Pirate Camps Fortnite: Where to Find Them

Photo courtesy of Fortnite
Photo courtesy of Fortnite /

10 pirate camps Fortnite must be searched to complete the latest challenge from Epic Games in the new Buccaneer's Bounty event. Players must search out the seven pirate camps on the map to complete the challenge and work their way toward the Boobytrapped emote. Here's where to find the camps.

10 Pirate Camps Fortnite: Where to Find Them

The pirate camps are pretty difficult to miss. Spread across the map, the so-called camps are more like fortresses, or towers at the very least, with pirate-looking flags at their tops. Here are the seven pirate camp locations in Fortnite. You'll have to hit a few of them twice in different matches to complete the challenge.

  • West of the river that feeds into Lazy Lagoon from the north
  • Southwest of the volcano, on its slope
  • Between two mountains east of Pleasant Park
  • Northwest of the mountain dead center on the Fortnite map
  • Just northeast of the frozen lake
  • By the bridge northwest of Paradise Palms connecting the desert to the grass
  • On a hill northeast of Fatal Fields

Photo courtesy of Fortnite