12 Most Memorable Twitch Moments of All Time

Since its introduction in 2011, Twitch has been a massive hit for live streaming and the gaming community. From streaming huge competitive esports to small IRL cooks, Twitch allows people to experience all kinds of connectivity at the tips of your fingers.

That being said, there has been an insane amount of content that the platform has produced. Here are 12 of the most memorable moments caught on Twitch:

12. Trick2g Gets Banned for Faking an Arrest on Stream

The popular League of Legends streamer did something quite questionable on stream after a 24-hour live event. After he achieved 800,000 followers, he decided to celebrate by...staging a fake swatting on stream.

He quickly got banned, and his idiotic move will be remembered for a while.

11. Boogie2988 Learns About Credits Cooldown in Star Wars Battlefront II

Star Wars Battlefront II was a disaster when it first released. Micro transactions haunted the game, and players quickly realized that the game was a major cash grab.

Famous streamer Boogie2988 also learned the hard way about the game when he found out that players after time must wait to earn more credits. This is a feature that most free-to-play games have, but remember that Star Wars Battlefront II is $60.

10. Sodapoppin Gets Banned From WoW

Sodapoppin was once a massive World of Warcraft streamer and the target of a bunch of trolls on the internet. The biggest came after a hacker got into his account and pretended to be him.

This soon got his account banned, and the laughs followed. He thankfully got his account back after speaking to a representative, but the whole ordeal was memorable. 

9. YouTuber Donations $30,000 to Twitch Streamer Spacelyon

It is always a special moment when Twitch streamers get massive donations from viewers. While sometimes they can be fake or not go through PayPal, seeing the reactions from the chat and stream is seriously wholesome.

One of the best was when a famous YouTuber by the same of MrBeast donated $30,000 to one of his favorite streamers SpaceLyon. The reaction was amazing and the YouTuber admitted that the money was legit and came from a sponsor he had.

8. Ninja Sets the All-Time Record on Twitch

Fortnite streamer Ninja made Twitch history last year as he attracted more than 667,000 concurrent viewers in April at the opening of the Las Vegas Esports Arena. 

This stream alone set a record for the highest concurrent viewership on an individual’s Twitch channel ever.

7. Twitch Beats Pokemon

In 2014, an anonymous Australian developer created a gaming social experiment when he decided to create "Twitch Plays Pokemon."

The experiment allowed viewers to decide what actions were made in the game through a series of commands sent in chat. More than 1.6 million people took part in the stream and after 16 days, the viewers were able to complete the entire game of Pokemon Red.

6. Dr Disrespect Admits To Being Unfaithful To Wife

There might not be a personalty bigger than Dr Disrespect on Twitch, and it clearly shows with his accolades. In 2017, he won Esports Industry Awards' Streamer of the Year award, along with the Trending Gamer of The Game Awards.

While he has some incredible high points during his Twitch career, there were some certain lows. Just last year, Dr Disrespect took to Twitch to announce that there was a point in time where he was unfaithful to his wife.  

He took a break from streaming after that time but has since come back to even more fanfare than he initially garnered.

5. Sajedene Gets Robbed on Live Stream

Dota 2 player Sajedene was hit with a scare after robbers came into her home during a live stream. Viewers quickly called the police as the stream was still rolling and the suspects were found and arrested just the day after.

Thankfully, nobody was harmed in the incident.

4. Ziloan OP Gets Exposed as a Fraud Live on Stream

Faking an injury to gain sympathy is one thing, but faking an injury just to fill your pockets after being a fraud is just down right disgusting.

Ziloan OP was a popular Diablo 3 streamer who appeared on stream to be confined to a wheelchair. On stream, he would ride in and out on his wheelchair and viewers generally thought that he could not walk.

That was until one day Ziloan OP forgot to play out his script and got up from his wheelchair on stream and started to walk off screen. Clearly able to walk, the streamer's account banned shorty after, after it was clear that he was faking to get donations.

3. Syndicate Becomes First Streamer to Reach 1 Million Twitch Followers

In 2014, famous YouTuber and Halo/Call of Duty player Syndicate hit 1 million followers on Twitch. This was the first time that someone has hit this prestigious number and he surpassed gaming giant and League of Legends developer Riot Games.

You can check out his channel here.

2. The Birth of the ResidentSleeper Emote

If you have been around Twitch long enough, you have most likely have seen the use of the ResidentSleeper emote. Used during a time of boredom, ResidentSleeper is a special emote on Twitch and the moment that it was captured was even more special.

During a 72-hour stream, streamer Oddler unfortunately passed out cold and his chat started going wild. The time he was asleep, viewers were able to get that image of his face and great the emote we have today.

1. Drake Pays Twitch a Visit

It is hard to deny that Drake playing with Ninja live on Twitch wasn't an amazing moment. The stream alone broke a record (second now to #8 on this list).

But while the numbers are great to look at, the most important thing to appreciate about Drake joining Ninja on stream is the influence he brought to Twitch as a platform. People who once knew nothing about Twitch heard the rapper playing Fortnite on it and clearly gave the site more exposure.