13 Beginner Tips For Super Mario Bros. Wonder 

The Flower Kingdom is chaotic and dreamy.
The Flower Kingdom is chaotic and dreamy. / Nintendo

Super Mario Bros. Wonder came out on Oct. 20, and people are having a blast! We can all finally explore the wonders of the Flower Kingdom. This twist on the classic platformer is delightful, but some levels are tricky. Here are some tips for those just starting on this wacky adventure.

13 Beginner Tips For Super Mario Bros. Wonder 

These tips range from character choice to setting changes. You’ll likely find at least one that’s useful to you. Enjoy!

  1. I'd cautiously proceed to each screen if you react to random events slowly. By that, I mean don’t always run full speed ahead to the next part of the level. You may get hit with an unpleasant and painful surprise, like projectiles and enemies.
  2. Badges will come in handy throughout your journey through Super Mario Bros. Wonder. The Parachute Badge is a great one to start levels with. It lets you float for a while, making recovery easier for those who frequently mess up long jumps. It’s also accessible very early in the game. 
  3. Long press the jump button as you land on a bouncy surface to jump higher.
  4. When a level is loading, press R to view Badges. Sometimes, Prince Florian will recommend a Badge for specific levels.
  5. Mario, Luigi, Peach, Daisy, Toad, and Toadette all play the same, meaning none have unique perks to make gameplay easier. On the contrary, Yoshi and Nabbit cannot take damage. Furthermore, Yoshi can flutter jump and spit objects back at enemies. 
  6. If you’re playing with others, I suggest choosing characters with very different looks. I learned that I frequently confuse Toad and Toadette, especially when things are moving fast.
  7. If you’re playing with others, staying near each other is best when doing long jumps. For example, if a player is trying to glide to a ledge while another isn’t, the floating player will stop at the edge of the screen and slowly fall. The screen won’t split in local co-op mode. 
  8. Yoshi can carry another player on his back. This comes in handy when playing local co-op. The dinosaur can lift others to a high area using his flutter jump.
  9. Open spaces are dead giveaways to hidden items. Jump around in empty spaces, and you’ll likely spot something. 
  10. The Talking Flowers are cute, but they can also be annoying. Turn off their voices by going to Settings in the Main Menu. You’ll still be able to see their captions. You can also turn off the text if you’d like.
  11. You will get a green checkmark for a course when you collect all Wonder Seeds, all 10 Coins, and reach the top of the Goal Pole. 
  12. Some levels are larger than you might think. Make it a habit to revisit stages when you get Badges. Doing so may open secret areas.
  13. You can earn a lot of coins when you’re an elephant. Just fill your trunk with water and press the attack button to spew water. Flowers and coins will sprout on the ground.

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