16 Most Difficult Video Game Bosses of All Time

Video game bosses, the creme de la creme of obstacles in games, mean the end of a chapter, accomplishment or end of a game overall. Some video game bosses, though, stand out as more difficult than others. Some bosses rise to the top as the most difficult of all time.

Here are the 16 most difficult video game bosses of all time. 

16. Guitar Hero III - Through the Fire and the Flames

The first entry on the list may not quite be a boss, but it is indeed the hardest song ever in a music game. Being able to beat Dragonforce's Through the Fire and Flames on Expert in Guitar Hero III was a legendary rite of passage in school. 

For those thinking that it wasn't that hard, go back and play it. 

15. Destiny - Atheon

Destiny's first raid, the Vault of Glass, was a game changer for console MMOs. The main antagonist, Atheon, is a difficult boss to topple at first... especially when you can't seem to get five other people to be coordinated. 

The raid as a whole is very difficult and even more frustrating when the only drops you keep getting are the Sparrow and ship. 

14. Pokemon Gold/Silver - Whitney

Really? A Pokemon gym trainer as a difficult boss? Not even a member of the Elite Four? 

Nope, if you've played Gold or Silver you know damn well that Whitney is such a pain in the rear end. And it's just her Miltank that drives players crazy. Its move set is frustrating beyond belief and can be the hardest regular gym battle in the series. 

13. Minecraft - Elder Dragon

You're not reading this wrong. Yes, Minecraft has an actual boss. Most Minecraft players spend their time mining or building cities, but there's a story in the game. At the end of said story awaits the Elder Dragon. Bring all the diamond weaponry and armor you have because you're going to need it. A few Golden Apples won't hurt either.

12. God of War - Ares

God of War when it released was a refreshing take on hack-and-slash games. It was violent, gory and put players in control of one of the biggest bad-asses ever, Kratos. At the end of the game, Kratos dukes it out with the actual God of War, Ares, in a mind-numbing difficult fight. 

11. Resident Evil 3: Nemesis - Nemesis


The famous one-liner from Umbrella Corporation's evil creation that stalked Jill Valentine in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis still echoes in ears today. Throughout all the different encounters, he just becomes more of a pain. Once players get a chance to take down the beast, revenge is a dish best served difficult.

10. Devil May Cry - Mundus

The big bad boss of the original Devil May Cry, Mundus is an absolute pain in the butt. Devil May Cry, which originally began development as a Resident Evil title actually, is known for its difficulty. 

A number of bosses from the series could've taken this entry, but why not stick with the original?

9. Metal Gear Solid - Grey Fox

An invisible ninja? That deflects bullets? Yep, sounds difficult. 

Solid Snake encounters Grey Fox, the cybernetic ninja, on Shadow Moses in a computer server room. The lead up to the fight is eerie, spooky and downright terrifying. The fight itself is just difficult until you figure out how to defeat him. 

8. Metal Gear Solid - Psycho Mantis

Yep, back to back Metal Gear Solid bosses on the list. Deal with it. 

Think back to when you first fought Psycho Mantis on the PlayStation. It was a revolutionary and mind-bending boss fight. Features like Mantis reading your memory card, making players put their controllers in the second port slot and many more made Psycho Mantis extremely difficult to figure out.

7. Punch Out!! - Mike Tyson

Damn you Mike Tyson!

Punch Out!! for the Nintendo Entertainment System is notorious for its big boss, Mike Tyson. He's annoying, calculated and downright difficult. For those thinking it is odd a NES boss made the list, go play Punch Out!!

6. Kingdom Hearts 2 - Sephiroth

Sephiroth is one of the most iconic characters in video game history. Debuting in Final Fantasy VII as the antagonist to Cloud Strife, their rivalry boiled over into the Kingdom Hearts universe. The boss fight is optional, but for the ones who want a challenge, Sephiroth brings it in the second KH game. 

5. Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater - The End

A third Metal Gear Solid boss on the list!? From the third entry? Blasphemy!

Fans of the MGS series know how difficult The End's boss fight is in Snake Eater. The ironic part is the fight is actually completely avoidable depending on how the game is played. It's worth doing though for the rage the fight induces. Makes people stronger.

4. Final Fantasy VII - Emerald Weapon

One of the post-game boss fights available in the classic Final Fantasy VII, Emerald Weapon not only is an extremely difficult battle, but you also do it underwater. No, that's not a joke. There's a timer for the fight because, obviously, you can't breathe forever underwater. An added layer of difficulty on top of an already near impossible fight. Good luck.

3. Dark Souls - Gwyn, Lord of Cinder

For a Dark Souls entry, honestly any boss fight could probably make the list. The game is difficult in its nature. Gwyn, Lord of Cinder just happens to be the most difficult of the bunch. Prepare to restart and try again (multiple times) when encountering Gwyn. 

2. World of Warcraft - C'Thun (pre-patch)

For those that played World of Warcraft and encountered C'Thun before the boss fight was patched, you know why this is second on the list. It was the most annoying fight in the MMO's early days and still gives WoW fans nightmares to this day.

1. Ninja Gaiden - Alma

Oh, Alma. Why are you so annoying?

Ninja Gaiden is infamous for its ridiculous difficulty, especially during boss fights. The Alma boss fight takes the cake as being the most annoying boss in any video game ever. At least in my opinion.