$1M Fortnite Super Cup Marks End of Marvel Super Series

$1M Fortnite Super Cup
$1M Fortnite Super Cup / Photo courtesy of Epic Games

The $1M Fortnite Super Cup arrives Nov. 21 and signifies the end of the Marvel Super Series.

Players will compete in two rounds lasting three hours each that combine the original Battle Royale with the current Marvel Super Series. Eligible accounts can enter through the Game Lobby once their local time begins.

$1M Fortnite Super Cup

To enter, your Epic Games account must be eligible. To be eligible, your account must be a minimum level 30 and have two factor authentication. If you meet these criteria then you're all set to go once the Super Cup begins in your local time.

The tournament will be in the normal Battle Royale setting with some tweaked features. The marvel super abilities will be usable and materials will be capped. When you eliminate an opponent, they will drop a maximum of 20 materials and your material cap is lowered to 200.

The first round will last three hours and where duos will earn points during their matches. At the end of Round 1, the top 1,000 teams will advance to Round 2 and compete for another three hours to earn their share of the $1 million prize pool.

The Venom cup takes place today, Nov. 18 with more details here.