'200 IQ' Reinhardt Play Posted to the Overwatch Subreddit

The f- you axe swing at the end just makes it
The f- you axe swing at the end just makes it / Photo by notmatrix and Blizzard

After hundreds if not thousands of hours playing Overwatch, it's hard to surprise anyone anymore. But it can work in your favor as well.

Reddit user notmatrix posted this incredible Reinhardt pin on the Overwatch subreddit. the player gets a quick health boost from their team's Moira, ducks around a pillar, tackles the Bastion while they're still stuck in Sentry Mode, drags them through two separate doorways and then sends them off a cliff with one final ax swing for that extra 5% to charge the ult.

This is a beautiful play not just because I can picture the exact face that Bastion probably made in my head, but it shows a perfect balance of skill, luck, and knowledge of the map. The fact that the Bastion decided to hunker down in that exact spot, Reinhardt was able to perfectly drift his charge around the corner snagging the grab.

It was a brilliant play all around.