3 Agents You Must Play on Pearl in Valorant

Image courtesy of Riot Games

The newest Valorant map, Pearl is the biggest in the game. That means choosing the right Agents is essential to win rounds. Here's a list of three Agents you should play on Pearl.

1. Brim

Having a controller on Pearl is a must and Brim is your best agent for that. Although Viper is also a good pick, Brim's smokes can block precise angles and entries. Brim is able to slow attackers from pushing with his smokes and his Incendiary. Brim and Pearl are best friends when you combine the corners with his ult.

2. Cypher

Pearl is a big map with countless angles and entries. Cypher and Chamber are top choices when playing Pearl to slow down the enemies with your traps and to get info if anyone is flanking. Cypher's Spycam also helps cover corners when pushing a site.

3. Reyna

Reyna is the best duelist that can be played on Pearl. Her aggressive play style allows her to get a pick and quickly dismiss to take cover in the many corners that Pearl has. She can take any fight on the map with her leer and devour to quickly heel.

Next time you play Valorant's new map, Pearl, try playing one of these top three Agents to be one of the most effective players on the field.