3 Best Additions in PUBG PC Update 4.2

PUBG PC Update came out on Aug. 14 and added some much-needed cosmetic and game play updates after the massive overhaul at the start of Season 4.

Here are the three best additions in the PUBG PC Update 4.2.

1. Vehicle Handling Improvements

The three-person motorcycle has been one of the worst vehicles since its inception and finally, PUBG Corp is addressing that issue.

Improved vehicle handling of the Scooter, Snowmobile, Snowbike and Motorcycle with Sidecar, thus improving overall driving stability.

  • Motorcycle with Sidecar off-road driving control and stability has been greatly improved.
  • 2. UI/UX

    PUBG Corp improved the UI for health, armor, and backpack capacity.

    • Helmet and vest health is now better visualized on the UI, along with Backpack capacity.
    • Weapon firing mode is now represented visually by icons, instead of text.
    • To reduce unnecessary clutter, certain HUD and UI elements are no-longer displayed when waiting to start a match.
    • Game version number, server identifier and other information is now located beneath the minimap, instead of the HP bar.

    3. Destructible Objects on Erangel

    This one is a fun addition. The game is more enjoyable with explodable debris flying around the map.

    Additional destructible pylons and barricades have been added to Erangel. They can be destroyed by vehicles, weapons and explosions, but do provide a limited amount of cover until they are destroyed.

    • Some existing objects which were previously indestructible are now destructible, such as the traffic cones in Mylta.