3 Best Augments from TFT Set 7: Dragonlands

Courtesy of Riot Games

TFT Set 7: Dragonlands featured plenty of cool new augments to spice up the gameplay. Here are the three best augments released during Set 7. This list is more focused on how the augments improved gameplay rather than how good they were in the meta.

3 Best Augments from TFT Set 7: Dragonlands

Portable Forge

Taking over for Ornn's Artifacts, Portable Forge gives players a wide variety of items to choose from that all massively shift how you play your team. Portable Forge contains defensive items like Randuin's Sanctum, to offensive items like Obsidian Cleaver, to even utility items like Gold Collector. It consistently has the highest pick rate of any augment for a reason, it's always useful and incredibly fun to play.

Think Fast

This augment is so freaking cool. It's also incredibly simple; players get as many free rerolls as they want for a short period of time. What results is a mad dash of refreshing your shop and hitting every unit you need to upgrade your team. The only things holding you back are your gold and your speed, which has led to absolutely insane clips of players getting incredible value out of this prismatic augment.


It's rare that a silver augment adds a cool new gameplay element, but AFK makes hitting silver augments far more interesting. Not being able to alter your board at all for 20 seconds leaves a lot up to chance, and when you finally regain control, you're in charge of putting everything back together, especially after the changes implemented in Patch 12.14. It adds an element of variety by not allowing you to play either straight wins or losses in the early game but instead leaving it up to chance.