3 Best Changes in Latest PUBG Xbox Patch

Here the three best changes in the latest PUBG Xbox Patch
Here the three best changes in the latest PUBG Xbox Patch /

PUBG Xbox's latest update added one of the most transformational features the game has received in what feels like ages, but that feature didn't arrive on its own. Here are the three best changes from the latest PUBG Xbox update.

1. Ledge Grab

The ledge grab system is a godsend. With it, PUBG's maps become even more wide open. New vantage points are unlocked, as is the potential for absurd hiding places and high-flying antics.

2. Radio Message/Ping System

As much as PUBG clings to its posturing as the "hardcore" battle royale, there's much it can learn from more supposedly casual competitors in the genre. Adding Radio Messages, PUBG's version of a ping system, makes it much easier for players to successfully team with players with whom they can't otherwise communicate. That makes for a better game.

3. The BRDM-2

The BRDM-2 is important for PUBG not just as a new and exciting piece of content, but as a real solution to something the game has kept under a bandaid for months. Replacing the armored UAZ with a unique vehicle makes the drop all the more special, especially because the truck can travel on both land and water.

Photo courtesy of PUBG Corp