3 Best Comps in TFT Patch 11.18

Photo Courtesy of Riot Games
Photo Courtesy of Riot Games /

TFT Patch 11.18 has been out for over a week now, with the mid-week patch occurring Wednesday, Sept. 15. The meta has shifted quite fast compared to the standard for set 5.5, meaning a new set of strong compositions have risen. Here are the three best comps in TFT Patch 11.18.

1. Assassin Reroll

The assassin trait was nerfed in the mid-week update, but that doesn't stop them from being the current strongest composition in the game. Assassins are so strong right now that the recent nerf did not impact them much, because prior to the nerf they were overkilling units quite often. This means that now, they are still strong enough to wipe enemy boards. This comp relies on simply getting Nocturne three-starred with good items.

2. Chug Bug

Chug Bug rose to prominence after Chug Jug went out of favor. Instead, players realized they could three-star Kha'Zix along with Gragas and create the scenario for Kha'Zix to kill enemy boards easily. Gragas just needs any tank item in this composition while Kha'Zix needs Infinity Edge, Hand of Justice, and Guardian Angel.

3. Kayle Knights

Kayle received a nerf last week in Patch 11.18, but her strength is still there. By playing the four Knight synergy from early game to the end, this composition stabilizes early with any AD carry that can hold Kayle's items. If you can two-star your Kayle eventually, this composition will likely net you at worst top two.