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3 Best Comps in TFT Patch 11.23

Photo by Riot games

Nothing is better than having good synergy and good team composition when playing Teamfight Tactics (TFT). With new changes, buffs, and nerfs in set 6, what's the best composition now?

3 Best Comps in TFT Patch 11.23

1. Academy

Champions with the Academy trait gain increased attack damage and ability power. Throughout the game, this bonus increases when a champion casts an ability. Academy champions can be complemented with another Assasin alongside Katarina to fill the Assasin synergy, like Shaco. Shaco's attack damage scaling was buffed from 175 percent to 185 percent in this recent patch.

In this composition, Yone, Katarina, Lux, and Leona are able to carry your team. In late-game, if you're able to get Yuumi, she can attach shields to low health allies and gain mana per second. Although in Patch 11.23, their abilities have been nerfed,

2. Colossus/Mutant

ln Patch 11.23, colossus damage reduction has been increased from 25 percent to 30 percent. In addition, Galio has been buffed that will make him favorable from now on. Galio's starting Mana has been increased as well as his ability damage. Fill your team's synergy with Mutant champions. Mutant Attack Damage and Ability Power have been increased as a part of this patch.

3. Chemtech

Chemtech champions will gain 25 percent damage reduction, 50 percent Attack speed, and 5 percent of their maximum health every second when their health drops below 60%. Dr.Mundo and Zac is a great addition to chemtech as tanks and give players a bruiser synergy as well. Arcanist champions can also add to your team if you aim to get Viktor late game. Malzahar can add synergy with Dr.Mundo as a mutant, or other arcanists like Swain and Lux. Dr. Mundo also received a buff in this patch that will help in combat.