3 Best Comps Nerfed in TFT Patch 12.14

Courtesy of Riot Games

TFT Patch 12.14 has brought about some changes, particularly to AD champions, that will hurt several meta comps. Here are the three best comps that will be most hurt by the upcoming TFT patch.

3 Best Comps Nerfed in TFT Patch 12.14

Guild Xayah

The golden goose might finally be cooked. Xayah has had a nearly unchecked reign of dominance since the start of Set 7. Patch 12.14 is giving Xayah some of her biggest nerfs yet to her AD and her spell damage. Not only that but Talon's Guild bonus damage is being halved which should significantly reduce the damage to the Guild Xayah team as a whole. Still, Xayah has been nerfed in the past and still done extremely well, so only time will tell how bad the nerfs hurt her.

Varus and Illaoi

The AD changes should limit the dominance of Varus, as every game, he's able to hit three-star and deal a nearly unchecked amount of damage. Varus' nerfs come on top of a nerf to Deathblade, his most potent item since it scales with star level. If Varus and Illaoi are still in the meta during this patch, it will most likely be due to the power of Astrals as a whole rather than just these two units.

Nidalee Reroll

Another Astral champion that you could almost always consistently three-star and then destroy enemy teams, Nidalee receives a much-needed AD nerf this patch. Just like Varus, she's also greatly hurt by the Deathblade nerfs, though the nerfs to AD across the board might benefit her longevity with the Shapeshifter trait. A Shapeshifter comp might still be meta this patch, but the carry could shift to Elise since AP champions will all likely see shadow buffs as a result of the AD nerfs.