3 Best Comps to Run in TFT Patch 12.7

Photo courtesy of Riot Games

In the words of Rodger Caudill in the 12.7 patch notes, "Worlds patch! Worlds Patch! Worlds Patch!" It's an exciting time for both TFT developers and players alike, as the game is updated in preparation for the Worlds stage. In a time filled with buffs and nerfs, adjustments and removals, we can't be sure what comps will bring the Worlds players to victory-- but we can give you the team comps that have been performing great so far this patch.

3 Best Comps to Run in TFT Patch 12.7

1. Scrap Strikers

Scrap Strikers is, at the time of writing this, the cream of the crop in the TFT meta. With frontline champions like Irelia and Blitzcrank and backline champs like Sivir and Jinx, this comp can be a little difficult to build but surely delivers when you get it. You'll want to try and get items for Irelia and Sivir, as you want to try and make them your main carries. Give Irelia Bloodthirster and Infinity Edge, and Sivir Last Whisper and Rageblade, and these two striking ladies just may carry you to victory.

2. 8 Arcanist

The Arcanist trait is filled with a variety of champions, with potential tanks like Vex and Swain, big-damage dealers like Ahri, and champs like Victor and Malzahar providing reductions to enemy magic resistance. To achieve 8 Arcanist you will have to get an Arcanist Emblem, but if you're able to, you'll be able to reap the rewards. When you build 8 Arcanist, you'll want to try and make Vex your tank (Bramble Vest and Redemption are great items to give her), and Ahri your damage (give her Blue Buff and Hextech Gunblade). If you want to check out more TFT team comps, check out Mobalytics for updates on the TFT meta.

3. Hextech Sivir

This team comp can also use Sivir as a carry, but you could also try using Lucian as well. Your core champs in this build are all Hextech with the exception of Vi, who you'll want to give any tank items you may build. Lucian builds Infinity Edge, Jeweled Gauntlet and Blue Buff; Sivir still builds Last Whisper and Rage Blade; and Vi builds Bramblevest, Titan's Resolve, and Dragon's Claw.