3 Best Counters to Reworked Moira in Overwatch

Moira's reworked Fade is sure to swing plenty of team fights, but we have some tips for dealing with it.
Moira's reworked Fade is sure to swing plenty of team fights, but we have some tips for dealing with it. | Courtesy of Blizzard

Moira's rework, currently being tested in Overwatch's Experimental mode, is sure to cause some frustration. We have a few suggestions for countering it.

Moira's rework does include a few nerfs. Her Biotic Grasp's attach angle has been reduced by 37%. Also, her Damage Orb has had its radius and speed reduced, along with its damage now scaling based on the enemy's proximity to it. What has players freaking out, however, is the change made to Moira's Fade.

Moira's new Fade will see all allies within 6 meters (and Moira herself) phase out for one second after she exits Fade. All heroes that are "phasing out" will be immune to all damage and effects - like how Moira's Fade and Reaper's Wraith Form currently operate. In the patch notes, Blizzard states that the main goal of the new Moira changes is to give Moira players more chances to flex their skills and make big plays. The Fade change gives Moira the chance to save teammates from ultimates like Self-Destruct and Graviton Surge, or even save a teammate currently pinned by Reinhardt from being killed by his Charge.

The new Fade, expertly utilized, is going to have the chance to neutralize almost any Ultimate in the game. The crazy part is that it is just an ability - unlike other supports' team-saving ultimates (Lucio's Sound Barrier, Zenyatta's Transcendence).

Here are a few heroes that can be used to counter Moira's new Fade:

3 Best Counters to Reworked Moira in Overwatch


It seems like any time a hero gets buffed and people aren't exactly sure how to deal with it Sombra is always a go-to counter. Sombra's Hack ability and EMP ultimate (Hacking any enemy in radius) are great ways of mitigating any enemies' overpowered ability. Now, Moira falls into the same camp as Lucio and Zenyatta in terms of supports that you're going to have to neutralize before trying to wipe their team. An easy way of making sure she doesn't use Fade to save her team from a wipe is to hack her and make sure she can't use it at all.

Besides Hacking Moira or just killing her before using your team's ultimates, there aren't a lot of other surefire ways to make sure she doesn't Fade her teammates out of dire situations. Knowing this, it may be beneficial to choose heroes that can capitalize on her team being grouped up after they are Faded to safety.

Wrecking Ball

Wrecking Ball is one way to punish an entire enemy team that just crowded around their Moira in hopes of being saved. A preemptive Wrecking Ball move would be to quickly lay your Minefield behind the enemy team. Then, have a teammate use an ultimate (Self-Destruct, Tactical Visor) that scares the enemies into grouping up and Fading into your mines. Even without Minefield, a ball should be able to wreak havoc on a grouped-up enemy team.


Similarly to Wrecking Ball's Minefield, Tracer's Pulse Bomb would be a great way to capitalize on the enemy team Fading together. Again, you will have to be preemptive with this one. Hold your Ultimate until something triggers the enemy team to group up and Fade together, and make sure you're in position to wipe them out with a Pulse Bomb when they exit the Fade together.