3 Best Features in PUBG Console Update 4.3

Here are the three best features coming in PUBG Update 4.3
Here are the three best features coming in PUBG Update 4.3 /

PUBG Console Update 4.3 will likely include many of the improvements PUBG Corp has already outlined in the patch notes for the PC version of the update. Provided that's the case, there are several features of varying size worth praise. Here are the three best features coming in PUBG Console Update 4.3.

1. Healing While Walking

In PUBG, being unable to move while healing has done a lot to keep the game moving slowly. Players are forced to hunker down to get their health back up after a fight. With the new update, players will be able to walk while healing, and will automatically slow to a walk if they try to heal. This will up the speed of the game, and make healing much less finicky.

2. The DBS

The DBS will be the next weapon to join the massive PUBG arsenal, and it's looking to be a right powerful addition. With its high base damage plus the ability to fire twice before pumping a new shot into the chamber, the DBS will be a terror at close range.

3. Survival Mastery

Survival Mastery is set to be one of the largest feature additions in PUBG history, a counterpart to the Weapon Mastery system already in the game. Players will finally receive rewards for the surviving they do, even if they aren't master marksmen.

Survival Mastery will also lift the veil on plenty of interesting statistics and tidbits players accumulate over the course of their games, from when they were knocked down, to how far they traveled in vehicles, and so much more.

Photo courtesy of PUBG Corp