3 Best Legends to Use in Apex Legends Shadowfall

Apex Legends' new mode Shadowfall has become an instant classic allowing players to play solo, fight a smaller group of people, then team up against zombies. What's the best part? You get to play a zombie if you die.

But we're going to try to help you survive. Here are the three best Legends to play that will get you to the top-10 and then help you and your teammates escape on a EVAC ship.

3. Wraith

With a smaller hitbox, fast movement and an ultimate that can create a portal for your team, Wraith is one of the best Legends for this new game type. There are two others that are slightly better than her, but not by a wide margin. She can take care of business then help the team once the game hits top-10.

2. Octane

This one is all about survival. Octane is one of the best at staying alive and speed rushing everywhere. It will be a bit hard to survive the first half by yourself as Octane is meant to have teammates, but once you make top-10, you can speed toward the ship and drop a bounce pad to help out friends.

1. Pathfinder

Pathfinder is the perfect character for Shadowfall. He has a giant zipline for allies at the end of the match, helping players escape and reach the ship. But he also has his Grappling Hook to keep himself mobile and to stay alive in the first half.

Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment