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3 Best PUBG Xbox Features

Here are the three best features on PUBG Xbox.

PUBG Xbox has come a long way since its original release. Frame rates have improved, textures render more quickly, and the game is flush with content that puts its barebones initial release to shame. Here are the three best PUBG Xbox features.

1. Erangel Remaster

PUBG Corp's efforts to remaster Erangel are at once a vital look backward and major step forward for the game. They show that the developer isn't afraid to tackle old and entrenched problems with its game, and those efforts further put into relief just how much the game has improved its optimization.

Where original Erangel chugged like a steam engine, the remastered version is already running more smoothly.

2. New Controller Presets

PUBG Xbox faces challenges unique from those faced on PC, particularly regarding controls. PUBG requires fairly granular controls with plenty of different functions, and mapping all of those to the Xbox controller is a major feat.

PUBG Corp continues to improve its approach to controller presets on PUBG Xbox, and the latest iteration just underlines that point.

3. Autoequip Weapon Attachments

Maybe the most bold change PUBG Corp has made to PUBG Xbox has been to add autoequip attachments to the game. While controversial, this feature streamlines the drudgery of PUBG without sacrificing its hardcore difficulty, allowing players to play more of the game they love with less of the game they don't.

Photo courtesy of PUBG Corp