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3 Best Rifles in Far Cry 6

Far Cry 6
Far Cry 6 / Credit to Ubisoft

These are the three best rifles available to players in Far Cry 6.

There is an impressive variety of weapons in Far Cry 6. There are modified "resolver" weapons that include wacky, albeit effective, weapons such as homemade flamethrowers, silent nail guns, and even a weapon that fires CDs. But some players like to keep it simple. They aren't on the hunt for fanfare; they want a more traditional weapon that is effective and easy to use. For those players, we have the three best rifles in Far Cry 6.

The 3 Best Rifles in Far Cry 6

The AR-C Rifle

The AR-C rifle is a good choice of rifle for the early to mid portions of the game. It can be found relatively early on and provides decent stats. The AR-C has a higher rate of fire than other weapons that allow it to tear through enemies, but it might be smart to invest in a compensator to help control the recoil that comes alongside a high rate of fire. A guaranteed way to earn this weapon is to upgrade the Guerilla Garrison until it becomes available for purchase from Juan.

Viva Libertad

Viva Libertad is a unique weapon based on the traditional FAL rifle. The base stats of this weapon aren't as impressive as other rifles, but its special ability compensates for that fact. Headshots with Viva Libertad will charge a player's Supremo ability much, much faster than other kills. If you like to make the most of your Supremo, then this is the weapon of choice for you.

La Varita

La Varita is technically a resolver weapon, but it is just too good to ignore. La Varita's special ability allows the player to shoot through walls, which when combined with the Triador Supremo, which allows the player to see through enemies through walls, is easily the most overpowered weapon in the game. Players can eliminate threats without ever exposing themselves to gunfire.