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3 Best Vanguard SMGs to Level up for Warzone Pacific

Photo by Activision

Warzone Pacific is almost here and fans are leveling up their Call of Duty: Vanguard weapons in order to be ready for release.

The SMG category is a big one in Warzone as many players love to have a close quarter combat weapon ready so they run and gun.

3 Best Vanguard SMGs to Level up for Warzone Pacific

Here is a list of the three best SMGs to level up as you prepare for the release of Warzone Pacific:

1. MP-40

The MP-40 has solidified itself at the top of the SMG category in Vanguard as it packs a huge punch with very minimal recoil. Its great mobility and damage are the perfect combination for a deadly SMG.

2. M1928

The Vanguard version of the Thompson is the next best SMG in the category. Its has a great fire rate and high magazine limit. The M1928 is one that will be used for close range gun fights pretty exclusively as its' recoil can be a bit annoying.

3. PPSH-41

The PPSH-41 is not as good as its other variants over the years, but it does have its place in a Warzone setting. The high fire rate of the PPSH-41 can be extremely effective in up-close battle and cause your opponents to struggle.