3 Biggest Changes in TFT Patch 12.11

TFT Patch 12.11 Dragonlands Official Art
TFT Patch 12.11 Dragonlands Official Art / Riot Games

TFT Patch 12.11 is coming with a bunch of new changes.

Riot Games has just announced the new content and adjustments coming with TFT's incoming update planned for June 8. While the patch notes may be confusing for casual players, here are a few of the biggest changes coming to the patch.

The Biggest Changes Coming to TFT Patch 12.11

1. System Changes

The systems regarding Loot Orbs, Armories, and Critical Strike are all receiving changes. New consumables have been added as rare drops from Loot Orbs. Additionally, Force of Nature and Force of Darkness items cannot be rerolled with Reforgers. Now, the Armory will appear more frequently, with stronger and more varied items. Finally, Critical Strike is being nerfed, with its base damage dropping from 150% to 130%.

2. New Traits

The new patch is coming with several new Reach Trait tiers. These tiers are difficult to get, but will provide the player with extremely powerful team buffs. Some of these include Dragonslayer 6–which gives Dragonslayers 140 AP and other teammates 100 AP, Skirmisher 9–which gives Skirmishers a shield equal to 60% of their max health at the start of combat, and 10 bonus AD per second, and more. In addition, many Traits have received some balancing changes, such as a buff to Dawnbringers.

3. New Champions, Items, and Augments

Like with every patch, several new Champions and items are going to be cycled out as new ones are cycled in. Several Champion changes have been made, including buffs to champs like Lissandra, Vayne, Vladimir, Sejuani, Aphelios, and more. In addition, Champions like Katarina, Hecarim, Brand, and Riven have been nerfed. Leblanc, Zyra, and Karma have all received ability reworks. In terms of items, Sacrificial Gauntlet has been reworked to work for repeat casters like Brand and Karma. In addition, items like Archangel's Staff have been buffed, while other items like Titan's Revenge have been nerfed. Finally, the patch is coming with over 100 new Augments, meaning players will get to try a variety of builds and compositions they wouldn't have gotten to in the previous patch.