3 Biggest Changes in TFT Patch 12.12B

Courtesy of Riot Games

With the release of Patch 12.12B, players might be wondering what the biggest changes are following TFT's newest update. Since it's a B patch, there aren't as many changes as a normal patch, but this B patch in particular still has a good chance of greatly affecting the meta. Here are the three biggest changes.

3 Biggest Changes in TFT Patch 12.12B

Dragonmancers Take a Hit

It feels like every patch features a Dragonmancer that quickly takes over the meta, whether that be Swain, Volibear, or Lee Sin. This time, instead of going after any individual Dragonmancer, the trait itself got nerfs that make rushing 6 Dragonmancers not nearly as effective. That's not to say that individual Dragonmancers didn't receive nerfs, as Lee Sin and Swain took minor nerfs.

Assassins Get Reined In

Vertical assassin comps have been annoying to deal with for multiple sets now, but it seems they might finally be reined in, at least a bit. Instead of nerfing their damage, assassins now jump in immediately, meaning clumping your units together will have the assassin go after your frontline instead of your backline carries. This should give some better counterplay to the ever-dominant assassins.

Some Buffs to Worse Champions

This patch is a big deal because of how it goes after strong comps, but it also works to strengthen some weaker units. Mages Vladimir and Lillia receive buffs that should hopefully make rerolling Mages feel more rewarding. Sy'fen also gets some much-needed buffs, as even though he was already decent, it never felt truly satisfying to build a comp around him in comparison with dragons like Ao Shin and Idas.