3 Biggest Changes in TFT Patch 12.6b

Photo courtesy of Riot Games

The end of April is going to be an exciting time for fans of competitive TFT. The Gizmos & Gadgets World Championship starts on April 29, and 32 players from across the globe will compete for a chance to win some part of a $300,000 prize pool, with 1st place receiving $48,000.

Players aren't the only ones preparing for this event, though: Riot released the 12.6b patch so that things will be running as smoothly as possible for Patch12.7. That will be the intended patch for Worlds. Let's take a look at some of the mid-patch changes that have gotten some buzz.

3 Biggest Changes in TFT Patch 12.6b

1. Jhin Mana Buff

Jhin hasn't received much attention this set, with only two adjustments to Curtain Call's attack damage scaling in 12.5 and 12.2 (a buff and a nerf, respectively). However, he received a considerable decrease in his max mana, going from 70 to 50. This makes him a great contender for making use of blue buff. Perhaps we'll get to see the virtuoso take center stage during Worlds?

2. Warwick Nerfs

Never kick a dog when it's down, but you might want to consider it when its attack speed is over 2.5. Warwick has been a leader of the pack for a while now, but this patch attempts to bring him down to size a bit. His attack speed has been lowered from 0.8 to 0.75, his attack damage from 50 to 45, and Eternal Hunger's on-hit heal from 35/50/75 to 35/45/65. Chemtech and Challenger have also received nerfs meant to keep the big dog in check, which you can find in the patch notes here.

3. Hextech and Arcanist Nerfs

These two go hand-in-hand due to a particular build Riot noticed becoming popular: Arcanist Lucian. With the bonus magic damage of Hextech and the increase in ability power from Arcanist, Lucian became a dashing menace. Hextech and Arcanist have received nerfs in response, while also hoping to keep both of these traits balanced. Hextech on-hit magic damage has been reduced from 15/25/50/80 to 15/25/45/75, as well as shields being lowered from 100/150/300/400 to 100/135/250/350. Arcanist AP for non-arcanists has been lowered from 20/20/50/145 to 20/20/50/135; for Arcanists, 20/60/100/145 to 20/50/90/135.

Full patch notes for 12.7 will be released Tuesday, April 12.