3 Biggest Changes in Valorant Patch 3.08

Courtesy of Riot Games
Courtesy of Riot Games /

Valorant Patch 3.08 has just released, and with it comes the changes that come with every patch. Bug fixes, content add-ons, and more. While this Patch was not nearly as big as some in the past, it serves more as a warm-up for the changes that are to come in the Patch that will launch along with the next Act. With all of that in mind, here are the three biggest changes in Valorant Patch 3.08

3 Biggest Changes in Valorant Patch 3.08

1. Skin Levels

A feature many have been wishing for, every skin a player buys now has the option to equip a level. Extremely useful for anyone who upgraded the Prime Karambit, players can now downgrade and upgrade their skins as they please. Each skin will default to the highest upgrade purchased if not chosen manually.

2. Level Borders

Similar to the skin levels, players can now decide which of the level borders they wish to play with. This can be changed in the player card section of the collection. Again, it will default to the highest earned if not manually chosen, but players can now customize their level border to a lower level if they liked the design more.

3. Coach Mode

The role of a coach in a private Valorant game has been very shallow this far into the lifecycle of the game, and this update definitely makes strides to fix that. Coaches can now edit-key binds to switch between players, as well as the ability to more easily recognize who is where on the map at any point in time. Finally, they will gain the ability to see a player's key binds on the map as well.