3 Biggest Takeaways From PUBG Patch 11.2

11.2 Patch Notes
11.2 Patch Notes / Photo courtesy by PUBG Corp

This past week, the servers of PUBG Update 11.2 hit with a slew of changes to the store, match history, and match report interface.

Since Update 10.2 was introduced, developers have been carefully monitoring your feedback. Developers made several changes to prevent players from manipulating the report mechanic, and they also addressed some of the issues that caused frustration. These are the three biggest takeaways from the PUBG patch update.

3 Biggest Takeaways from PUBG Patch 11.2

1. Match History & Match Report Improvements

Store, match history, and match report improvements are some of the patch updates compared to the last update. Store patch notes include a bundle of convenience features that make the little things count. Console players will be able to increase the item quantity using the control stick. Also, when purchasing G-coins, players can change hold to purchase to tap to purchase.

UI/UX Improvements
UI/UX Improvements / Photo courtesy by PUBG Corp

2. Improved UI

The history report interface has improved the overall design and reposition elements for better viewing. Some of those improvements are:

  • Improved the overall page design and rearranged certain elements for better visibility.
  • Increased size of the map images.
  • Improved icon design for Last 20 Match Stats details.
  • Your Placement Trend is now displayed as a line graph, rather than a bar graph to give a more clear picture of your results.

For more information on the patch note update, check out the official blog post

3. Updated Flash Hider Attachment

Updated Flash Hider model
Updated Flash Hider Model / Photo courtesy by PUBG Corp

It's always fun to see PUBG Corp work on updating models. And while this one is a small one, anytime they decide to modernize the game, is a good thing.