3 Biggest Teamfight Tactics Changes in Patch 10.15

3 Biggest Changes to TFT in Patch 10.15!
3 Biggest Changes to TFT in Patch 10.15! | Image via Riot Games

Patch 10.15 brought some huge changes to Teamfight Tactics that will shake up the meta. Additionally, Riot has made some changes to the different galaxies that players can play in. This will increase the play rate of some comps that thrive on the new Plunder Planet Galaxy. As always with TFT, meta changes drastically impact the game as different units will be hotly contested than the previous patch. Let's take a look at the three biggest changes in TFT Patch 10.15!

3 Biggest TFT Changes in Patch 10.15

Plunder Planet Galaxy Replaces the Neekoverse

Galaxies are rotating game modes that bring new rules and mechanics to TFT at random. Understanding the different galaxies and which comps thrive in them is a great way to improve at Teamfight Tactics.

The Neekoverse was a galaxy that gave players two Neeko's Helps, an item that creates a one-star copy of any champion they own. This encouraged players to level up as fast as possible in order to find epic or legendary units that they could quickly make a two-star and build a comp around. Plunder Planet does the complete opposite. This galaxy makes all units have a chance to drop a coin upon death. This mainly benefits hyper-rolling comps as they need the extra gold in order to splurge on a turn and try to find a winning comp. Understanding the new galaxy in place of the Neekoverse will assuredly lead to some better finishes in the future.

Jarvan IV Nerfs

Jarvan IV was completely out of control in Patch 10.14 and was dominating the meta. He found his way into just about every team comp because of his ability to buff his team's attack speed. This lead to Jarvan IV being a highly contested unit in every game and it felt as though getting a three-star Jarvan IV could win the game by itself.

In Patch 10.15, Riot nerfed the attack speed granted from Jarvan IV's Ageless Standard from 75/85/95% ⇒ 50/60/75%. He will still be a vital part of mainly Protector comps, however, he will no longer be an auto-build unit in every scenario.

Master Yi Buffs

Blademaster had been fairly weak in the last patch, until Riot buffed Master Yi's armor to 50 and his magic resistance to 25 in Patch 10.15. While these buffs may not make blademasters an S-tier comp, it makes them playable in the meta once again. Making Master Yi be able to take a little more of a beating gives the blademaster comp a little extra reward for finding the rare unit in the mid-game. While Snipers and Protectors still seem to rule the meta, blademasters can be a great situational build once again.