3 Champions to Look Out for in TFT Patch 12.14

Courtesy of Riot Games

TFT Patch 12.14 gave targeted buffs to just a select few champions, but the AD rework affects nearly everyone. Here are three champions to look out for going into the new TFT patch.

3 Champions to Look Out for in TFT Patch 12.14


Of all the Legendary Dragons that received buffs in Patch 12.14, Shyvanna looks like the one that's going to see the biggest change. She's constantly felt underwhelming throughout Set 7 which has made it hard to prioritize comps like Vertical Ragewing. Hopefully, she's now able to scorch the enemy board and spice up the meta.


Anivia received a small buff to her mana that should allow her to cast slightly more often. Much more important than that, though, is how the general AD nerfs greatly benefit an AP carry like Anivia. With most AD champions taking a hit, Anivia could come out as a champion capable of shredding the enemy team while the formerly powerful AD champions can no longer cut it.


Sona falls into a similar camp as Anivia. She's an AP champion that has always felt weak in comparison to other utility champions such as Bard and even Heimerdinger. She got some slight spell power buffs which hopefully make her presence more impactful. If both Anivia and Sona end up in a much better position due to the AD changes, 4 Evoker comps might become much more powerful, and we could see the rise of the AP meta.