3 Changes We Want in the Next Overwatch Update

The next Overwatch update can't get here fast enough for some fans, as the Storm Rising event has disappointed more than a few. But after series of developer updates, there is reason to be excited. What could be implemented in the very next update?

1. Overwatch Workshop

Perhaps the most exciting news to come out of Blizzard this year, the Overwatch Workshop was announced Wednesday and went live on the PTR. This feature will allow players to express their creativity and create new game modes, experiment with the potency of character abilities, and even imagine their own character designs. The developers have stated that they want this workshop to be available to all players, so look for it to go live on the main servers as soon as the next update.

2. Role Queue


Something else that players have been clamoring for for years now is the role queue feature, where players must play the specific role type they signed up for, thus facilitating more disciplined team compositions such as the standard 222 composition. In light of the GOATS meta, adding role queue would satisfy many players especially in the higher SRs.

3. New Lore, If Not Another Hero


It would be great for the mysterious omnic villain at the end of the Storm Rising cinematic to be unveiled in the next update, but with Baptiste still fresh off his arrival, we might have to wait another month or so for a new hero. Still, we could always use more comics or cinematic stories to give us a better idea of the background of the heroes we play as.

Overall, Jeff Kaplan and the rest of the Blizzard development team should have a lot in store for its fans. They have been considering feedback given to them by players and it looks like Blizzard is trying to be more responsive to the requests of its fan base.

All photos courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment