3 Coolest Overwatch Workshop Creations So Far

The Overwatch Workshop is a revolutionary addition to Overwatch, bringing in the creativity of the player base to bolster a game desperately in need of something new. Here are some of the most intriguing game modes or abilities created so far.

1. Overwatch Battle Royale

Have you been wondering if there will ever be an Overwatch Battle Royale? The "ring of fire" mechanic in the new Workshop makes such dreams possible. Modes such as "the floor is lava" and the implementation of a dome that damages players forces them to move to a specified area, a key part of the battle royale game type. If players express their interest in this mechanic, perhaps an official battle royale arcade mode could be created.

2. Overwatch Smash Bros.

One of the most interesting ways to utilize the Workshop has been using it to play the game from a different game mode, whether it be from Top-Down, third person, or in the Smash Bros' case, in a 2-D plane. There are ways to scale the knock back mechanic depending on damage taken, making the Smash Bros. another unique addition to the Workshop.

3. Overwatch New Abilities

This example is of using Roadhog's hook like a grappling hook, but there are numerous other new abilities that players are testing. These include a Baptiste ground pound, Torbjorn wall climb, and a Tracer area of effect damage. They may seem silly, but this is the first step in allowing the players themselves to experiment with cool abilities that could be fine tuned in the future by the developers.

Photo courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment