3 Easy Mounts to Get in Shadowlands

Ardenweald has many easy mounts to get in Shadowlands.
Ardenweald has many easy mounts to get in Shadowlands. / Photo by Blizzard Entertainment

Easy Mounts to get in Shadowlands will make your adventuring easier with a companion to ride on. Shadowlands brought many new mounts to World of Warcraft, and many of them are simple to get. Here are three easy to get mounts in Shadowlands.

3 Easy Mounts to Get in Shadowlands

1- Spinemaw Gladechewer

Spinemaw Gladechewer is a mount that just needs you to defeat a few enemies. First, head to Mistveil Tangle in Ardenweald. Defeat Deranged Guardians to make them drop off the Bristlecone Terrors riding them. Killing them has a chance to spawn Chompy, a giant Carapid you'll have to kill. Gormtamer Tizo will come after that, and defeating him will guarantee you the Rare Spinemaw Gladechewer.

2- Shimmermist Runner

This mount can also be found in Mistveil Tangle. You need to go through a maze and defeat Shizgher to get the mount. The maze begins in Oaken Assembly. You need to go through the gates with the blue lamps on them. Once you've reached Shizgher, kill the neutral Elite enemies nearby before you fight him, as he'll make them aggro on you. Defeat Shizgher for the Rare Shimmermist Runner mount.

3- Arboreal Gulper

The Arboreal Gulper is a giant frog that's one of the easier mounts to get. You just need the Unusually Large Mushroom, an uncommon drop from any mob in Ardenweald. Bring the mushroom to the Damp Loam in the northwest of Ardenweald. It wilts in 20 minutes, so you'll have to act quickly. Once planted, it'll grow into a Humon'gozz. Kill it to get the Arboreal Gulper mount.