PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS is one of the giants in the saturated battle royale genre. It offers something different to its competitors such as Fortnite, Call of Duty's Blackout and Apex Legends.

It's more grounded in combat and takes place in a modern setting. Players who seek that tend to lean more toward PUBG than the cartoony Fortnite or futuristic Apex Legends.

That being said, those games have features that might make PUBG a more enjoyable experience. Here are three features from other battle royale games that should come to PUBG.

3 Features From Other Battle Royale Games That Should Come to PUBG

A Respawn Mechanic

Respawning used to be a taboo in battle royale games. It's essentially counter-productive to the whole idea of having one life and trying to outlast other competitors to win. Although, with how the game has evolved, especially in squad-based playlists, killing downed enemies at an early point of the game gets frustrating time and time again. Why not add a playlist with a respawn feature?

Down But Not Out

Down But Not Out, a popular playlist in Blackout, allows players to drop back into games once getting fully eliminated if other members of their squad are still alive. It creates for hectic moments and high kill games. Things that make BR games all the more exciting. PUBG's slower gameplay might benefit from a limited time mode like DBNO.


Perks are an intricate part of Blackout. Hell, it's an intricate part of the entire Call of Duty franchise. While the point isn't to reduce PUBG's realism, again, another playlist to test out how a perk system would work might add a new element to PUBG.

Photo courtesy of PUBG Corp