PUBG has made massive strides in improving its playability and filling out its feature list, but the game still lags behind some of its biggest competitors. Here are three features that would help move PUBG toward the top of the battle royale pile.

1. Action Queueing

PUBG's controls are clunky. There's no getting around it. PUBG Corp could mitigate that fact by allowing players to queue actions within certain time frames. For example, when a player exits a vehicle, they are locked out of aiming down sights for a split second. Trying to do that aiming too quickly will prevent the aiming and put the player at a significant disadvantage in the fight.

Action queueing would take the input for the aim down sights and hold it until the game finally was ready to take the command, then execute it. This small streamlining would massively improve how responsive PUBG feels.

2. Remove the Red Zone

The Red Zone has been the target of player ire since the earliest days of PUBG, and little has been done to improve it. Its random placement combined with its random, instant murder of players inside makes it more frustrating than interesting, offering little in the way of gameplay variety.

Instead, PUBG Corp has continued to make concessions around the Red Zone, but refused to remove it outright.

Professional players play without the Red Zone. Why should the average player be left to suffer?

3. In-Game Access to Missions

Missions were a vital addition to PUBG, but the game still has room to improve. One easy addition would be a mid-match option to view available missions. This would give players a way to check their objectives on the fly, making missions simpler to complete and thus increasing player engagement.

Photo courtesy of PUBG Corp