3 Fortnite Pros Released after Cheating Allegations

Three Fortnite pros have been dropped from Team Talon after cheating allegations
Three Fortnite pros have been dropped from Team Talon after cheating allegations / Courtesy of Epic Games

Team Talon has dropped three Fortnite players from its roster who are accused of cheating and alleged collusion in-game.

In the NA-West console division of the Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS) grand finals, three players across two duos from Team Talon have been accused of collusion. In order to maximize their pairs' final rankings, they would allegedly initiate soft trades to avoid the Storm Surge that targets the players that have dealt the lowest amount of damage in the match. The Storm Surge is in place to deter participants from taking an overly passive style of play prioritizing final placement rather than taking fights and getting kills.

The three players that were all a part of Team Talon — Ruben, Drew, and Fayde — allegedly planned to drop into the same area to try and boost Ruben and Drew's point totals. The twitter screenshots posted by paul1x appear to incriminate the three showing a discussion about where to drop and Ruben telling them "don't make it obvious."

Paul1x likely was able to obtain these messages as his partner was zScary who is also a member of Team Talon. Section 8.2.2. of the FNCS Chapter 2 Season 2 Official Rules states that "players may not work together to deceive or otherwise cheat other players during any match," and defines "Teaming" and "Planned Movement." Under the stated definitions, all three of these players would be suspect to collusion accusations.

The Response?

Fortnite Team Talon have since dropped these three players from their organization in the announcement tweet below where they mention they "do not condone the actions" and they "apologize for their actions."

Drew and Ruben both placed 15th giving them both $875 in winnings. Epic Games has not released an official statement on the matter, but we can imagine the placement may change and the winnings forfeited if these accusations prove to be true.