3 Helpful Tips for Fracture in Valorant

Courtesy of Riot Games
Courtesy of Riot Games /

Fracture, Valorant's newest map, has recently launched and is now in the competitive rotation. This map has seen mixed reviews from the community, as the newest area to play in has come across as confusing to many players. Now that the map has been out for a few weeks, here are a few helpful tips to take your Fracture gameplay up a level.

3 Helpful Tips for Fracture in Valorant

1. Utilize the Ziplines

On the attacking side, players will spawn on either side of the map and have to work their way inwards in one of two directions. However, when the players spawn on one side, they can take ziplines under the middle of the map to get the the opposite end. This allows for a lot of pre-round set up on attack as well as the ability to quickly rotate when things go wrong. This goes for the defense as well who can use the ziplines for a creative flank.

2. Spread Out

On defense, the map can seem quite overwhelming with its length, rivaling Haven in terms of size players can be confused on where to line up. The best ideas so far when defending have involved spreading out so that utility is covering every area of entry somewhat, allowing for at least delaying for other teammates to convert on the push.

3. Run Heavy Sentinel/Controller Agent Setups

In conjunction with the last point, there are a lot of different entrances over a large map for defenders to cover. This layout lends itself to a more utility based agent setup. Running sentinels like Killjoy or Sage and controllers like Viper and Astra are going to be important to holding on defense. It may not even be a bad idea to double up on those roles in some circumstances.