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3 Legends That Need a Nerf in Apex Legends Season 10

Season 10 lobby screen
Season 10 lobby screen / credit to Respawn/EA

It's inevitable that some legends will be stronger than others, but these are three Legends that need a nerf in Apex Legends Season 10.

With 18 playable characters available in the game, Apex Legends offers a great deal of variety in gameplay, but some characters outshine others. The better legends in the game usually contribute to the team by providing movement, information or positioning. Apex Legends is a team game and legends that struggle to synergize well with a team are generally considered worse.

Some Legends bring too much to the table though and have been labeled overpowered as a result.

3 Legends That Need a Nerf in Apex Legends Season 10

The number one legend that needs nerfed in Season 10 is easily Seer. Seer can gather an absurd amount of information through his passive alone, and combined with the utility of his tactical ability there is pretty much zero chance for enemies to sneak up on him. Respawn already hit Seer with a small nerf earlier this season, but developers have promised more Seer nerfs in the future.

Octane has enjoyed a higher pick rate since his launch pad was buffed and given extra utility. Octane isn't as overpowered as Seer, but he is very prevalent in Apex's meta simply because of his ability to reposition the entire team quickly. His launch pad can provide the entire team with an escape, an easy means to push or even to secure a height advantage.

Revenant isn't oppressively strong on his own, but his strength is in how easily he synergizes with a wide range of team builds. His silence is never unappreciated on a team and is enough to make most movement characters panic after taking away their ability to escape. Revenant's death totem is essentially a free push without having to worry about dying immediately. Death protection pairs well with basically any movement ability, but has become infamous alongside Octane's launch pad and Horizon's gravity lift.