3 Most Exciting Moments From Latest PUBG Dev Update

The latest PUBG Dev Update happened a few days ago and brought with it some major announcements for PUBG.

PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS is known to have a slower amount of content compared to Fortnite, which isn't surprising as the game has a more realistic flavor.

Yet, there were some surprising changes coming to a game that many feel has run its course.

Here are three of the most exciting moments from the PUBG Dev Update in no specific order!

1. Ledge Grabbing


If PUBG is going for a more realistic feel, ledge grabbing and parkour should be a focus. Hopefully, ledge grabbing is only the beginning to have a more fluid movement base for players.

2. BRDM Vehicle


BRDM vehicle will allow for players have a massive advantage if they find this vehicle or if it drops from a flare gun. Able to go over bridges without dying to bridge campers or simply going in the water is a nice touch.

3. Erangel Update


Can be considered the biggest news of the list, Erangel is receiving a much-needed graphic update. PUBG came out in 2017 and blew the gaming world away. While Erangel felt left behind as PUBG Corp focused on new maps, the classic world will get a beautification update.

Photos courtesy of PUBG Corp