Despite Overwatch's general balance success, there are still heroes left out of the party. Here are three heroes Blizzard would do well to consider for a rework.

1. Roadhog

Ever since the nerf to his damage, Roadhog has struggled to find a team composition that needs him. His hook is the only part of his kit that provides any utility to his team, but it's not enough to make him a relevant part of the game. A Roadhog rework could help him find a place in the meta.

2. Brigitte

Many have complained about the abundance of crowd control in Overwatch, and many more have complained about Brigitte. Many of those claims hold water. As Brigitte is the source of much of Overwatch's crowd control, she also enables the GOATS metagame, one of the most oppressive in Overwatch history. Retooling her kit would make for a much healthier Overwatch.

3. Symmetra

Symmetra has already received one rework, but as time has passed, that rework has revealed itself insufficient. The hero still can't seem to find a place in the meta game, outperformed in every situation by another option. Symmetra doesn't need to be a star of the meta game, but she should have feasible use cases. As of now, she has none.

Photo courtesy of Blizzard