3 Overwatch Heroes Who Could use a Buff/Nerf

As Role Queue is in full swing, the best heroes in each class become evidently clear. The role lock has scrutinized all of the Heroes like never before, with only the top dogs performing in each position.

In the first week of Season 18, the tank slot was dominated by Sigma, Orisa and Zarya. In the most recent update, Sigma and Zarya faced significant nerfs along with Symmetra, who also was over-present in the attack slot.

Even the slightest adjustment in Overwatch can set a Hero to the top or send their pick rate tumbling down. Here are three Heroes that could use some buffs or nerfs to diversify the play environment.

1. Nerf - Sigma

While Sigma did just get a nerf in the most recent update, it was for his damage output. The main problem with Sigma is that his barrier can be thrown around too quickly. While it will now get cancelled when hacked by Sombra, it feels bad to to have to make a dedicated counter-pick for another character.

2. Buff or Rework - Brigitte

Brigitte has a troubled history. While she dominated in the days of GOATS, she got lost in the transition to 2-2-2 lock. Perhaps it's punishment for partially being responsible for the need for 2-2-2 in the first place, but she's almost useless in the current environment. Brigitte needs to get a fix.

3. Buff - Tracer

With shields becoming the predominant strategy as we get into the 2-2-2 format, Heroes with high mobility still can't output enough damage to flank tanks. Putting some pressure on with Tracer or Genji could help diversify the format. Currently, Doomfist is over-represented in this position. Tracer recently had a buff to her Ultimate with the intent that it could help take down tanks.

Photos courtesy of Blizzard.